Farming In Canada

What the Realtors don’t tell you!


A Farming Example:

Things are very rarely greener on the other side and farming across the pond is just another example of this.

This picture was taken on the 16th May 2004, North West of Neepawa, MB. Seeding in Manitoba had just started after a very late start to spring. Nearly 2 feet of snow fell in 24 hours severely delaying any hope of catching up with seeding. This extreme weather meant the 100 frost free days needed to grow a crop were going to be in short supply, and they were. Seeding finished on June 17th but it was all in vain because a minus 3ºC frost on the 21st August rendered any crops still unfit for harvest, worthless.

This crop of barley was eventually harvested on the 7th November and yielded 30 bu/ac (0.75 t/ac) and was worth about £14 a tonne delivered.

Don’t succumb to the Blue Sky, Big Tractor syndrome - neither will earn you a penny.